This programme was planned before the devastating effects of the Turkey-Syria earthquake of February 6th and will assuredly be amended to address the changed situation.

Turkey’s recent attacks on populated areas and critical infrastructure across north and northeast Syria is putting civilians’ basic rights further at risk. Today, the hostile friendship between Ankara-Damascus-Moscow threatens basic human rights for the people of North Syria. How should the Netherlands and other European member states respond to attain justice for the people, Kurds and other minorities, of North Syria?

Regrettably, much of the recent violence in Syria is taking place behind the large shadow cast by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For years, civil­ians, especially Kurdish and other minorities, have been the silent victim of state violence from all sides. Ecological destruction, deforestation, weaponized use of water, the destruction of cultural heritage sites, are all part of the threats that are imposed on the people of North Syria. Unfortunately, the recent violence is part of a century worth of imperial entanglements. During this event, organised by De Balie, citizens, minori­ties and women tell their stories and discuss the repercussions of the ongoing violence. Speakers: Kati Pari (PvdA) and Uğur Ümit Üngör (UvA).