Legal Research Master Conference: Law and New Risks

A diverse range of emergent and undiscovered risks pose threats to the health, safety and prosperity of people and societies. For these new risks, there is still a lot to be discovered. Because of the uncertain nature of these new risks, they may have a troubling effect on institutions such as law, of which society expects to protect it from harm. The central question asked in the Legal Research Master conference is therefore: how can law anticipate, mitigate and regulate new risks in order to protect human physical safety? The LRM conference, organised by Legal Research Master students of Utrecht University, aims to provide useful insights to answer this question, by using a multidisciplinary approach.

The conference starts off with an introductory plenary session. It provides a conceptual background on (regulating) new risks, from a technical, legal and governance perspective. The plenary session will be chaired by André Verburg (UU). Speakers will be Ellen Vos (Maastricht University), Jeroen van der Sluijs (UU) and Michael Faure (Maastricht University).

The plenary session will be followed by three streams on nanotechnology, genome modification and climate change and induced displacement. Each stream sheds light on a recent development in technology or society from different perspectives. Each stream will be led by experts from multiple disciplinaries, including legal academics.


12 mei 2017 vanaf 10:00 tot 18:00


Achter Sint Pieter 200



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